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sometime, Vuze 5.6 recheck completed torrent made torrent stuck at download section
this flaky issue (doesn't always happen) is simple to reproduce.

1. add a whole bunch of torrents where each torrent has only one file
2. change view to Library
3. a couple of the torrents completed and were moved to bottom pane of Library
4. stop all torrents at the bottom of Library
5. select all torrents and right click to select forced recheck
6. recheck starts and status of the torrents change from stopped to checking
7. some or all torrents move to top (Downloading) pane
8. torrents moved to top pane had their status changed to stopped with Progress column of 0% and the forced recheck stopped. only one torrent shows low completion percentage, but its Progress column is a low number with stopped status as well

the only way to get things going is to go to Downloading section/pane and force another recheck on these torrents with stopped and 0%/low completion, then they move to bottom pane again after forced recheck is completed.

another issue I saw was that if a torrent is completed when a forced recheck is progressing, the force recheck get the same treatment. seems like the auto recheck when a torrent completed has higher priority than forced recheck, but force rechceck doesn't resume after autorecheck is done. However, there was no torrent completed during the steps above. I wonder if there are bugs in recheck priority and resume forced recheck from these two issues.

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