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search results not showing
hey guys need help here, everytime i search for anything in the Vuze windows desktop nothing ever comes up at least what im looking for i just see things not relevent to what i searched for, even obvious things like common movie tittles they just dont show up. 

I'm i doing something wrong? I used to use Vuze years ago but lost the app and I just redownloaded the free version now but nothing comes up in the search at least what i'm looking for doesnt show up.

please help I really loved this software.


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The Vuze does brings with templates for search on sites that offer pirated content, it is possible to add templates which may include public trackers that provide such content, just type in google "Vuze Templates" you will find some, but it is worth noting that the operation of these templates depend on those who create and not from the team of the Vuze because templates can stop working if there is any change in the site of the template.

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