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require crypto announce request
Hi community!

I'm building new torrent tracker and i have question about unofficial extension requirecrypto and supportcrypto. How it works? Can you please point me to documentation or something (from the tracker side), so i can implement this feature on tracker?

Found it :)
Good job :) Not sure how widely this is implemented in trackers/other clients though...
Clients which support this feature are Vuze, Deluge, Transmission, uTorrent - all on mac :)

I did not found tracker which supports this feature, but my tracker will support it. And only this feature, not the "normal" and insecure protocol. I'm just implementing this feature.
The tracker will run only on HTTPS and only for clients, whose supports this feature.
I hope that this will be one of the good security features on tracker.
nice! if you have any ideas for improving things client-side then shoot them over and I'll take a look

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