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question about dl speed
okay, this question has been lingering for quite some time.
my knowledge is basic to say the least. i know my way around, but specifics are not my forte.

here it is:

my internet has a 20MB/s download capacity, but Vuze never topples the 2MB/s mark. (yes i know the difference between MB and Mb)

over the years, the internet has increased in speed, and so did Vuze, so i do see a correlation between the two.
but why can't Vuze utilize more of my capacity?
(yes, i've been googling a lot and have tried a lot of settings, but the dlspeed won't increase)
Maybe you are disk I/O bound?

Generally speaking blocks are downloaded randomly so you will be performing random writes to your HDD - could this be a bottleneck? You could experiment with the option to store blocks more sequentially  (Tools->Options->Files->Append data to files as downloaded and reorder...) although this incurs additional IO when re-ordering the file so I have no idea if overall it would help. Note that changing this setting only affects new downloads, not existing ones. Then again, maybe you have an SSD. Then again, maybe you're using a USB attached drive!

Alternatively you could be network bound - you could fiddle with the advanced network settings under Tools->Options->Connection->Advanced Network Settings

You could increase the buffer sizes or, say, decrease the read/write select timeouts from 25 to 10 ms - this will increase CPU usage though.
wait, was i that blind?
yes! i use a 1TB external on USB 2 (drive too old for USB 3)
USB 2 = 480 Mb/s = 60MB/s

hmm, so that 'should' not be the bottleneck..

i will try your option soon, i'll check back on that.

and i'll also check back on storing the downloading on the C: instead of my D:, and let it copy to the D: when finished...

thnx ;)
tried both ...

no luck ...

still an average of 1.8MB/s
Have you checked the swarm average? It shows as a gray line in the speed view

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