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problems with vuze
hi guys i have been using vuze for years, now with no problems at all. i have got zero clue on how vuze works all i know is it was dong what i wanted it to go, and that was download and upload with out any problems.  that is until three days a go when i started to get error like. waiting to scrape, scraping, connection error (no data recived from tracker) or ok dht back up only.  i try to uninstall and reinstall my vuze, i even try using leap version, nothing seems to fix it. i was also getting vuze disk write error flush fails, open fails, and a quick google search on that error claimmed it was google desktop, something that i have never ever had on my pc. that one seems to off stopped for at least now. any help recived with huge, big, massive, thanks :)
Do you use just one torrent site or several?

If you use just one site it is possible that the site in question is having a problem with their tracker and their tracker is down.
most of the time, just one, but i do mix between 3 diffrent sites
The next question is are you seeing this problem with just one of the sites?

If you are we can rule out a single site failure.
its defo a problem some where in my vuze, i tryed a couple of other vuze type program, using the same torrent sites i have always used and had no errors or problem at all. yet unless it was an update i not change anything in vuze that to the best of my knowledge would cause the error i have mention. so the question is why is the other two program i tryed using the same sites doing the task fine, yet vuze is not.
Well we have eliminated the easiest thing (that it was a problem with an individual site).

But what could the problem be . . . I am really not sure.

Ahh I've got an idea.  It is unlikely but let us give it a shot.

Do you know how to check what port Vuze is using to send receive data?

Never mind that can not be it!

What could cause one torrent program to be able to successfully connect to the torrent tracker and another not to be able to connect to the tracker.

I can tell you what could cause one to be able to connect to individual peers while the other could not but that is not what is happening (which is why I crossed out that bit above LOL).

There really is nothing that I can think of which would cause this to happen.  There really is no difference between how one torrent client communicates with the tracker compared to another.

We are going to need someone (like one of the Vuze programmers) who knows a lot more than I do about how trackers communicate with clients and vice versa.
well at least you try GaryE, so thank you for that. so got any ideas how we get hold of a programmer?
You are welcome for my attempts!  Thanks for the kind words.

They [the programmers] check these threads at least 3 or 4 days a week just be patient.

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