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problem with Vuze / PIA / Ubuntu but not Vuze / PIA / MacOS10
hey all, just set up PIA (privateinternetaccess) VPN and proxy on two macbooks air, one macbook, and two oldish ubuntu boxes (one is 10.04, the other is 15.10).

Loving Vuze --> used if for at least half a decade on mac, windows, ubuntu etc.  Vuze is working great with PIA (using both VPN and proxy) on the Mac OS 10.11.2 boxes;  but when I set it up on the linux boxes, I get all kind of issues:

1.0  after the first .torrent file I open, every subsequent .torrent I start initiates a new instance of Vuze

2.0  various errors are signaled:

2.1 ERROR, unable to bind TCP incoming server socket to 16297 Address already in use

2.2 Failed to establish listen on port UDP:16297.
Check that other applications aren't already using this port.
Also check for another copy of Vuze running.

2.3 Listen server socket on [/0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0: 19015] does not appear to be accepting inbound connections.
[SOCKS: address type not supported]
Auto-repairing listen service...

3.0 in the download tracking-window itself, the hung torrent has a red ball "means that you're not connected to any peer while downloading"

when I hit the 'show details' button, the Tracker Status field reads:

Connection Error (PRUDPPacketHandlerException:Tr   --- the rest is covered up by the Update Tracker button

Has anyone seen this?  I'm thinking of trying SOCKS 4a (or something similar) and/or SOCKS 4.

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


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