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please help vuze suddenly freeze and close
after installing the lastest version of vuze bittorrent client on my windows 8.1 pro and right after the first time initailzing the vuze software it suddenly freeze and close

please review the desktop video recording in the link below to be able to assist me in resolving this issue

please any moderator or staff member please help ??
Quote:A couple things have changed in this release that might be causing this

1) the SWT graphics library was updated to version 4508 (the crash is in this library)
2) a plugin (Promo View) was added to show promotional content (which uses Internet Explorer via the SWT library).

If you get time before the crash occurs you could disable the plugin by going to Tools->Options and clicking on the Plugins entry there, then uncheck the box next to 'Promo View', save settings and restart.
Quote:Ah, OK, wasn't sure if you had a chance before it crashed.

Here's a couple things to try

1) manually remove the plugin:

Open windows file system explorer and type %APPDATA% into the location field + hit enter. This will take you to your local application data storage folder. There will be a folder in that named 'Azureus'. Navigate into that and then into the 'plugins' folder. Delete the folder named 'azpromo'

Start Vuze and see if that fixes the problem

(unfortunately the plugin will auto-re-install at some point in the future, but at least this will tell us if it is the plugin causing the issue)

2) manually downgrade to the previous version of the SWT library

Open windows file system explorer and navigate to where Vuze itself is installed. By default this will be

C:\Program Files\Vuze
C:\Program Files (x86)\Vuze

in there you will find a file named "swt.jar". replace this with either (for 32 bit Vuze installs)

or (for 64 bit Vuze installs)

Then see if Vuze starts

working fine Now but only after deleting the promo view plugin - Azpromo folder from the plugin installation directory is there any final solution for that error that cause vuze to shutdown instantly at starting up ?!!!!!


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