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not showing on desktop
     I am woundering if some one can help me please i have a problem with my vuze its works but when i click to show vuze or open form taskbar the programme disappears from my screen opens but off screen and i cant check my downlads at all

thank you
I assume you're running Windows? Windows 7? (This will probably work for 8, too.)

If that's the case, and if Vuze is showing an icon in the taskbar when the window is open (but offscreen), you can use the window-control menu of that taskbar icon to retrieve it. To access the window-control menu, SHIFT-RightClick on the taskbar icon. Then, select Move from the menu that pops up, and (without clicking the mouse again) reposition the window using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

This Ask Leo article explains in more detail.

Also, you should probably check your system's Display control panel, and see why it thinks you have two screens when you really don't. The window shouldn't be opening offscreen unless Windows thinks there is another screen to place it on. If so, disabling that other (phantom) screen may be the simpler solution.



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