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nat/firewall problems?
Every time I check the client I have a grey or red dot and "NAT" or "FIREWALLED" error. If I do the NAT/Firewall test I get an OK and the status is changed to "NAT OK" for a little while and then back to any of the above mentioned errors.
This problem started after the latest update, before there was no problems and I haven't changed any settings in the client, firewall or in the router before the problems started. Since then I have tried different solutions according to the wiki and some google hits I found but nothing seems to work.
Is there any more info you need to help me?
I saw that this info was wanted:
Java 1.8.0_51
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32
Windows Vista v6.0, x86
V5.6.2.0/4 az2

I downloaded a new torrent and since then it's been "NAT OK" for a few hours at least, a coincidence?
Did you manually forward your port in all of your firewalls?

Or did you use uPnP?

If you used uPnP . . . it is possible (unlikely but possible) that the update some how caused a problem with the uPnP addon/plugin

If you manually forwarded the port .  . . have you verified that Vuze is still using the same port?
Before, I just used the uPnP, then after the problem occurred I did a PF in the router with no luck. Turned off uPnP in the vuze client and no luck. Had the same thought as you and did a new PF on another port but no luck. I tried to turn off the firewall, no luck. Tried to delete the vuze entry and then I got a new when MS Firewall noticed it but no luck. Even opened the ports in the firewall with no luck.
Seems like the problems is gone though, I haven't seen the error msg since I downloaded some new stuff. Haven't checked that often though but the error was there all the time until the download.
Still would be nice to know what caused the problem if anyone has any ideas though =)
Rather than trying to talk you through the process check out

The usual problem is that you have not forwarded you ports in all of your firewalls!

Here are the likely firewalls on a home network:

1) The software firewall on your computer (part of the OS)
2) The software firewall installed as part of your anti-virus security suite
3) The hardware firewall on your stand alone wireless router
4) The hardware firewall on your stand alone wired router
5) The hardware firewall on your modem or modem/router

Did you add any of those recently?  If so you will have to make sure your ports are forwarded in each of those which you posses.

you should be able to find instructions for each device on

Good Luck!

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