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multiple instances of Vuze / merging profiles
The commandline options page of the wiki says "opening multiple instances of Azureus is generally a very bad idea".

I have been running Vuze on my laptop with two seperate profiles that I have used alternately. One for torrents from public trackers that reach a share ratio of 1 in a few hours and I have active only for short periods at a time. The other for torrents from private trackers that I keep active the rest of the time. All easy to do as I turn off my laptop at least once each day as I move around.

I now have a desktop and I was thinking of simply having one profile like normal people. Is there any way to merge the two profiles? or how "very bad" would it be for me to try to run two instances of Vuze at the same time?
I'm not sure where the 'very bad' part of the idea comes from - I think it is more of a suggestion that having just a single instance of Vuze running is going to work out best for most people, but if you know what you're doing, having more than one is fine (of course you need to manually balance things across the two instances when needed and running concurrently, for example speed-limits, number of active torrents)

There isn't an automatic way of merging two configurations - if you want to move downloads around then the best way is to manually move the data files, export all of the torrent files and then add them 'for seeding' to the new Vuze instance and point the 'save location' at the place where the existing files are.

The is 'backup and restore' that can be used to some extent to migrate to a new configuration.

You can use 'tags' within Vuze to segment your downloads, for example you can set things up so that torrents on private trackers are automatically assigned to tags and you can start/stop all the torrents in a particular tag (and set speed limits etc). This might work if you want to move to a single instance of Vuze but still manage public/private torrents separately.
Well running two instances of Vuze did not make my computer blow up, but I did encounter a problem: if I download a .torrent file a third instance of Vuze opens with the default profile (C:\Users\Flinxxx\AppData\Roaming\Azureus which I do not use) and then if I try to download another .torrent file a fourth instance of Vuze opens with the default profile, with causes an error, because it is locked by the third instance.

I can copy and paste magnet links into my preferred instance.

I will continue to experiment...
Right, with multiple-instances the .torrent -> Vuze instance association won't work as it uses a registry entry for the 'magnet URI protocol' and this can only reference one Vuze instance. 

So you will need to do the copy/paste dance as required.
I thought I would post an update for anyone who might come across this thread (and want to do this).

Loading the first instance without, and the second instance with, the -J-DMULTI_INSTANCE=true flag means .torrent files open in the first instance.

You can save .torrent files to disk, rather than pass them directly to Vuze, and then ctrl-O open them in whichever instance you want them in.

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