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move to new computer
I have Vuze on one system with a download that will take weeks.  Have a second system that I am moving Vuze to run on more permanently.  I am hoping to use UNC paths to point the new instance on a different system to shares on the other system so all the downloads are saved there still.  New instance is a small VM and don't want the files saving local.  If I wanted to move a torrent from one computer to another, can I do this?  Was wondering if I opened the torrent in the new system and it's settings were pointing to the same files on the share, if it would resume where the other instance left off.


It depends on whether or not you are using the 'piece reorder mode' for your files (Tools->Options->Files: Append data to files as downloaded...) - if this is the case then the data is jumbled up until completed and pointing a 'new' torrent at the jumbled data won't work well (having said that, if the 'new' one also has that mode enabled then I think Vuze tries to recover things as best it can)

If you're not using that mode then you should be able to point it at the same location and run a 'force recheck' - if Vuze insists on creating a "-1" target instead of re-using the save location then you'll need to either re-target the files or mess about to get the data in the 'right place'
Thanks parg.  I have append data to files as downloads... unchecked so that's good.  With your second part, do I need to load in the original torrent and "point it" to the same location or is there a manual step to add this I should be following?

EDIT:  I ended up loading the torrent in the new client.  Came up with 0% complete.  Double clicked on the torrent and it jumped right to the folder where the files were on the old one so that was positive.  I'm doing a forced check right now and at 40%.  Not sure if it shows nothing until done, however so far still 0% complete and nothing showing any percent done individually in the Files list.

EDIT2: I finished the forced check.  Still shows 0%.


Think I figured it out thru a lot of clicking.  The name of the torrent is different than the folder it is stored in and Vuze kept trying to create a folder based on the original torrent name.  So when I would direct it to where the torrent files were, it would immediately create another folder at the top or within the existing folder with the original torrent name.  I had to rename the torrent to what the folder is, and then even when I pointed it to the files it wouldn't work.  Think in the end I also had to point it one folder above the folder the torrents were in and then it self started to recheck and find content.

You win!

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