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max active torrents limit
Is there any way to set max active torrents limit by tracker? Most of private trackers limits how many active torrents (including seeds) you are alloved to keep. When I use several trackers you will use lowest limit (currently 5) as global limit or I will get ban from tracker if all torrents are from that. Anyhow when I open torrents from several trackers then I will get warnings of hit&runs. So there really is need for way to set max active torrents to each tracker separately.
interesting idea - you can't easily do it at the moment but I'll think about it and get back to you
I think one way to do that is save them as tracker url list. Then when engine loops torrents and decide start and stop for torrent it will match url and count how many other torrents is already active with this url. Also it still honor that global max torrent but it is just extra limit layer at enabling loop. I really dont know how that disabling/enabling (stop/start) engine works currently so this is just guess how to to that :) If that conf does not support arrays maybe one possibility is to just suff it as json to one row.
I have something working but it needs input from you. Basically it works by sorting the list of downloads assigned to a tag (which itself is auto-populated based on tracker) so that the first 'n' get to run and the remaining are placed into a 'paused' state.

The key thing is the sorting algorithm. If your limits only applied to incomplete torrents then this is trivial, just sort the incomplete ahead of the complete and you're done. However, you say it also applied to seeding torrents. So for this you need to define an ordering of complete torrents that will satisfy your needs. Something simple like 'share ratio' - anything complex here and you'll need to get into coding it yourself!
Actually might just be able to use the existing 'seeding rank' for ranking the seed downloads.
OK, fairly straight forward to test out!

1) Make sure you are running Java 8 (or 9) - you can check your current version via Help->About Vuze. 
2) Join the beta program ( and get onto the latest beta (B06)
3) Install the 'JavaScript Support' plugin via Tools->Plugins->Installation Wizard and follow instructions for installing from 'sourceforge'
4) Go to the JavaScript Support' plugin config page via Tools->Options->Plugins->JavaScript Support
5) Copy and paste the code from
    into the 'General Script' area
6) Edit the script you have pasted into the towards the very bottom to setup your various tags and limits. The example code there
     tagMaxActive( "maxtest", 1 )
sets the maximum active downloads for those assigned to a tag named 'maxtest' to 1
You can repeat the line with different tag names to set up multiple tags

Oh yes, the tags - you'll want to set them up to be auto-assigned based on tracker - see

The script works by 'pausing' the non-active downloads and ignoring ones that are stopped

Tell me it goes...

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