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magnet links stopped working--SOLVED
Magnet links used to work for me with no problem, but for some mysterious reason, they stopped working a couple of months ago.

In particular, while clicking on a magnet link in my browser would successfully pass it on to Vuze for handling, Vuze soon throw up an error dialog with text like
    Error : no sources found for torrent

I captured a screen shot of the error dialog--see the attachment.

Other people have reported this before (e.g. here and here).

Now, I have always been using an up to date version of Vuze and java.  I use the same port for TCP and UDP, and the port is open and forwarding works (as confirmed by Tools --> NAT / Firewall Test...).  I do not have any general kind of connectivity problem; ordinary .torrent files download perfectly fine.

I was finally able to solve the problem tonight.  I decided to post what solved the problem for me, in case this helps anyone else with the same problem.

The key for me was the Distributed database wiki article.  It mentions "go to Tool -> Options -> Plugins -> Distributed DB".  (In hindsight, this is also mentioned in the previous link above; I just did not appreciate that at the time.)  Now, on my box, that Distributed DB plugin was already installed and had a green dot next to it.  So that was not the direct problem.  But eventually I decided to scan the other installed plugins, and see if any other related ones might be deactivated.  I found that "Distributed Tracker" and "Magnet URI Handler" were installed, but not checked for "Load at Startup" and they both also had a red dot next to them.  So, I checked both of those and restarted Vuze.  Lo and behold, magnet links now suddenly started fully working once more.

Is it documented anywhere what are all the plugins that need to be both installed as well as loaded in order for magnet links to fully work?

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