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magent links stopped working last week
Hi. I am having the same problem downloading  magent torrents that other people seemed to suffer months ago. I have a Dell Inspiron 850, 8 gigs of RAM, running Windows 7. I automatically get Windows updates, but I often do not update some applications (JAVA is driving me crazy, begging me to update it...) Anyway just last week ON FEB 18TH, it became impossible to use magent links. When I click on a magent link a small box appears in the center of my screeen telling me that it is unable to open this helper application, followed by a long stream of what looks like random letters and numbers. Then comes: "The protocol specified in this address is not valid." Ends with "Check your work again" - or words to that effect.

I copied what might have been a cure from one of these forums and pasted it into notepad, then I double clicked to send it into my registry, but it did not solve the problem. I can't code at all. I wonder if going into my Windows update foilder and deleting all updates sincew last week might fix the problem?

One other question. Given an hour long video, and waiting until there are at least 100 seeders, how long should it take to download a 720p version? On the average it takes me about an hour, and I do have cable broadband. Some of the speed tests and port tests that you guys offer suggest I might need to tweak the settings, but I do not know what other people consider a reasonable amount of time.....



Is your machine 64 bits?. If It is probably your Azureus is no longer in the Directory Program Files(x86) but in the 64 bit Program Files.

If that is the case look at my post of yesterday and modify the Registry. Carefully.

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