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just some issues with linux version (debian)
Sorry for the quality of my english

I have been using vuze on linux (debian) for almost 2 years, and no mater which version since 4+ I am using there are always the same issues
everything is fine and stable if you have less than 250  torrents loaded in vuze, but if you have more than that vuze start hogging all the memory
the amount of aviable ram keep getting smaller until vuze push a notification about 1mb of  memory left, at that moment when i check in task manager vuze process got more than 500mb of ram which is double of default 256mb

ok so now i have to edit vuze bash script
i've got:
export SWT_GTK3=0
vuze is still hogging ram but now there isn't any notification about running low on memory, and by hogging i mean like 8gb of ram
the torrents are mostly finished and stopped after hitting ratio, often the files are already deleted so torrents aren't even active
there are also other issues (if you have a lot of torrents):
-vuze will terminate if i try to doubleclick or right click and open file or directory
vuze will freeze if you try to remove more than 250 torrents from library, if you have enough ram like 10gb it somtimes unfreeze after like 5-10 minutes, it depends on amount of torrents

right now vuze is using more than 2gb of ram, torrents 800, active 50, 750 finished and stopped
4mb cache, tried different java versions 7,8,9
my question is why there is a memory leak if the torrents aren't even active?
if anybody is even using vuze on linux, could you try to reproduce that by adding large ammount of torrents
or maybe it's just a bad configuration, I can send azureus.config file

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