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java version number does not match java and vuze
I run the lastest java Version 7 update 71
Although I installed the latest update for vuze I always see in the "about section" : java version 1.6._45
How can resolve this problem ?

Thank you very much for your help
Sounds like Vuze is using the distribution it installs when it finds that a user doesn't have a Java runtime.

This will be in

C:\Program Files\Common Files\i4j_jres\jre6

or possibly 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\i4j_jres\jre6

You should be able to delete this installation (or move it somewhere else for testing) and then Vuze will pick up the system install of java that you have performed.

I'm sorry to answer you with this delay.
I ckecked the path and found no such one.
So, in the "common files (x86)" I found dir named java and inside a sub-dir named update with a few files. there is no connection what you have mentionned with.
I've just seen, inside the vuze dir there is a sub-dir named jre. What do you think ?
I forgot to specify I'm running windows 8.1
Thank you very much for your answer.


Interesting, I did some testing on a Windows 8 machine and indeed the bundled JRE is being installed (for me!) in a subdirectory named 'jre' within the Vuze installation:

C:\Program Files\Vuze\jre

Delete/move that and see how things go
I renamed the jre folder but vuze do not start anymore.
What do I have to do ?


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