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issues with torrents using mag links
so i have been trying to get some new flix right and everything was working fine until about 2-3 days ago i think but now i can get the mag link into my torrent browser but then nothing happens there is no activity at all...anyone have any imput that coule help me out? theres no up or down speed, peers, or seeders
magnet-inks are not torrents.  They are the protocol by which a torrent is sourced from another peer and in the process the magnet-link adds other protocols to the torrent to assist with trackerless torrenting, so, if there are no other peers online with the torrent you seek, then your Vuze client will not be able to acquire a copy of the torrent.  Sometimes your Vuze client might be under high load processing upload/download requests and the magnet-link request is in the queue and might not be successful in acquiring a torrent, so pause your active torrents and try the magnet link again.

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