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how to restore a closed tab
at some point either with an errant click or perhaps without realizing what i was doing, i think i clicked on the "close tab" menu item on one of the tabs at the bottom of the window showing my current vuze downloads.   

now this tab is "permanently" gone from the set of displayed tabs.    i can't see an obvious way to get it back.   the change persists after restarting vuze.   anyone know how to i can restore the lost tab?     the choices from that menu that i can see when i click on one of the remaining tabs are: "close tab" and "Show sub-tabs in Library views (restart required)".     what i might expect to see is something like "configure tabs" or "reset selected tabs" or something that would give you the ability to undo a the "close" operation.   

any ideas of how i can do this?   the tab that i lost is the "clients" tab, if it matters.

Hmm, I don't have a 'clients' sub-tab. If you close one of these there should be a right-click menu on the area to the right of the existing tabs that allows it to be re-opened (make sure you don't right-click on an existing tab)

There's also 'Client Stats' which is a separate view openable from the View menu.

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