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help me
What do i need to do , to keep my identity safe i received this from my internet company~~AT&T AT&T Orange Masthead LineCopyright Infringement Alert
 For Account Ending: 6839
Primary Account Holder:  Dear (Primary Account Holder),  We are sending you this alert as part of our participation in the Copyright Alert Program — an industry-wide initiative intended to help users understand their rights and responsibilities in the distribution of copyrighted content online. Digital content owners routinely monitor file-sharing networks to determine if copyrighted movies and music are being distributed illegally over the Internet. Through the Copyright Alert System, we've recently received a notice from a movie studio, record company, television studio or other company that owns copyrighted material that your AT&T Internet account was used in connection with possible infringement of their copyright protected materials. Your account was identified by its IP address. However, in keeping with the AT&T Privacy Policy, we have not released your name or personal information, and we will not do so except as required by a lawful request for records. But at the request of the content owner, we are sending this alert — which applies to all users of your account — so that the issue may be resolved without further action. A copy of the original notice can be found at, but summary information is available at the end of this email.

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