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file transfer
Hi, I have completed my downloads as normal, but now when i go to move the MKV file to my USB it only transfers as a textclipping? I ge teh below message on all my new downloads:


It won't transfer as an mkv file. But if I click on it in vuze it plays as normal. Can someone help?

How are you trying to move the file in question?  Drag and drop?  Copy and paste? Are you doing it from the Terminal or what?
Drag and drop. But if I delete the file and it goes into the trash can, I can then move it from the trash can into the flash drive and it transfers just fine.
Hmmmm . . . that was not the answer I was expecting.  I was thinking you might be somehow only copying the name of the file which would create a text clipping rather than a copy of the file.  So much for that theory.

It might be a permissions problem.  But those are pretty rare in the Mac world.  Well they are rare unless you go messing around with them but if you do that . . . you also know what you did and you know how to resolve them.

Sorry mate I just do not know.  However, I do not think it is directly a Vuze problem.  I just did a 3 minute google search and I can not find anything about a regular file becoming a text clipping.  Again sorry I just do not know what to tell you!
All good, bro. I reformatted my flash drive and for whatever reason it's all working just fine now. I do not know why that was the problem, and I can't make sense how that fixed it, but it's solved and all good now. Thanks for the effort.
First off I am glad to hear it is working now.  You are welcome for the effort (little though it might have been).

But that is interesting!  Could the drive have been formatted in some weird archaic formate like FAT 16 or something crazy?

Was it used/first used on a Windows machine . . . or maybe something odd like a Sun Workstation or something?

I can not imagine why reformatting the flash drive would cure that issue . . . but again I am happy to hear it is no longer an issue for you!

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