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elementary usage
I have a number of linux (fedora) machines, a raspberrypi, and a Windows 10 machine on an eternet or wirelessly, all with access to the world through the common router.

I have considered SAmba and NFS as a method if intercommunication but they are based on server/client relationships

I wish machine A to fully intercommunicate with B  ( editing, compilation, installation and such like) without the need of any third machine

Further I should like the machines to be mutually accessible through their 'proper names'  CPU_A, CPU_Hp, etc. etc.

Question 1:  can Vuze be the solution to my needs?

Question 2: (if the answer to 1 is yes) Can someone / somemany guide me through the consequential entanglements and complexities?

May you all have a pleasant Bank Holiday.

David N Laine

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