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does game files becomes corrupted if pc is not properly shutdown?
i'm downloading a game torrent then suddenly power outtage. does the game files becomes corrupted bcoz the pc is not properly turned off?

it happened to me before(though not using vuze at that time) i'm worried i wasted lots of time downloading it


It is possible . . . but after you are done downloading all torrent clients will perform a hash check.  If the torrent data is corrupted the hash check will fail and the corrupted pieces of the torrent will automatically get re-downloaded.  In an extreme case you would have to re-download the entire torrent . . . but that would be really rare (I have never heard of that happening but it could happen in theory).  It is most likely that the only pieces of the torrent which got corrupted would be the ones which were actively being downloaded at the time of the computer shutting down.  Usually that is going to be a pretty small number . . . like less than 10  - 20 pieces.

Unless the .torrent file was created with stupidly large piece sizes . . . I would expect for you to have to re-download less than 20 - 40 MB of data or so.


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