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create torrents and categories in leap
Always been a vuze user because of it's unique features but i must admit it's a little resource hog especially for my slow i tried the latest leap version that seems to work just fine...but there are some things i greatly miss from it's big brother...will be ever be able to create torrents?and will we ever able to have customizable categories like in vuze?would be even nice to have a downloaded section (even if maybe a little revamp in the play section would be ok) are any of this features planned?
Hi luca247,

Thanks for your feedback.

We are adding small features pretty often in Vuze Leap but we always try to maintain a balance between features being added and keeping the client simple.

We will work on improving the Play section for example in one of our next versions. As for creating torrents, we still need to think how we could add this and make it useful/usable by our user majority(so it wouldn't be only a targeted feature for advanced users for example).

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