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copy share ratio to new PC
Hi, my share ratio was very high from my old PC that died (I don't download a great deal but often leave Vuze open to seed). I have a copy of the Vuze program file from my dead PC. Is there anyway to copy the share ratio over to retain good d/l speed?
Your ratio is tracked by the private trackers you use not by your torrent client.  What Vuze shows when you move to a new computer is simply the ratio you have accumulated since you started using that client on that computer.

If you are using public sites . . . your ratio does not even matter.

Having said all that there is a way to copy over all of the data stored from your old computer to your new computer.  I do not know exactly which files to copy however so if you really want to keep that data you will have to wait for someone who knows that better than I.  I have done it before (but for different reasons) but it was about 6 years ago so I really can not remember the details well enough to tell you.

This is probably a question that one of the Vuze staffers will have to answer!

As far as your implication that your ratio has anything to do with your speed . . . I do not know where you got that idea but that is a very incorrect statement.  What you are implying with that statement is that the other peers on the torrent query your torrent client and ask for your global ratio and then increase or decrease their speed when downloading to you depending upon your global ratio.

There is no provision in the torrent protocol to do that.  No way no how!!!

What is true is that the swarm (the group of all of the peers or the combination of leeches and seeders if you want to think of it that way) prefer the fastest peers.  So if you are among the fastest seeders/uploaders more peers (leechers in this case) will want to download from you.  Ratio plays no part in that equation.  The only thing is that yes if you are one of the fastest seeders/uploaders you will in fact have a better ratio on that torrent but your ratio is never sent to the other peers.  Even then . . . as soon as you stop that torrent in your client (or stop the torrent client or shutdown your computer or whatever) that data goes away . . . it is not stored from session to session.  So every time you restart your torrent client and or that particular torrent you have to start from the beginning.  Then as the swarm realizes who is transmitting data the fastest that peer will then be in more demand than the other peers.  Which is why when you are looking to build ratio it is best to leave your computer on and your torrent client seeding 24 x 7 x 365 that way if you are a fast seeder more and more of the other peers will download from you because that preferred status is not reset.

Having said that it is not as if there is a preferred flag that is set or whatever.  That is not the way the protocol works the protocol knows the speed you are uploading and downloading and whoever is doing that the fastest is who the other peers are going to prefer to download from.
Thanks for your informative answer. I did believe that may share ratio affected download speed so if that isn't the case, I am quite happy. I have a fast d/l and u/l speed and so will leave it at that.


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