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cannot delete magnet url
Hi-  I started downloading a magnet, but the download just stalled, and I deleted it, (or I thought I had).   Now each time I start Safari, Vuze opens and tries to open the magnet URL, but just stalls, with this message: 
Downloading From :magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E0BCED2221EBA9C8DD113C0B4CF048D0A0CB7A88&&&&...Waiting for DDB initialization...Searching...Metadata download createdTrying secondary lookup serviceFound 0Secondary lookup failed: no sources foundError :  no sources found for torrent

I have tried uninstalling Vuze and all its files, but then just get an error message from Safari upon starting, saying "there is no application to start this magnet link"
I just want to delete the magnet link, and stop Vuze trying to download it but see no option to do so.

Thank you.

Vuze version:
iOS: Yosemite 10.10


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