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can't download
Help Please I'm getting this message all the time, I've not changed anything with my computer or programs or anti virus but can't download ??  "  ERROR: socket failed due to timeout, aborting.
Azureus / Java is likely being firewalled! "
Anything new on this problem?

Wondering if this is the result of Java no longer updating for XP.
That error is usually caused by firewall/AZ software preventing Vuze from listening for incoming peer connections - double check your settings to ensure that Vuze is allowed to do so.
This has suddenly appeared, i have never had this before and have changed none of my settings, Vuze is entered as an exception to my firewall so it shouldn't be blocked from anything.
Is it an exception in all of your firewalls?

Do you have a stand alone wireless router which has a firewall (many do)?
Are you running a software firewall on your computer?
Do you have a stand alone wired router which has a firewall (many do)?
How about in your ISP supplied wired router, wired modem or wired modem/router?  Most ISP provided wired modems do not have firewalls but there are a few which do.  I have not seen nor heard of a wired router or wired modem/router supplied by an ISP which does not have a firewall in about 6 or 7 years.
Are you running a security suite which includes a firewall component?  Many security suites do have their own firewalls.

Most people have at least two of those firewalls . . . some folks do have all 5 of them.  If you only have an exception in one of the multiples that you have it could explain the problem.

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