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banned users
i see that some users get banned for sending false ´data´....
today there is 12 banned users.

the funny is that vuze might have bannned them after the torrent is finnished, some glitch here?


torrent start: 04:15 pm
finnish: 04:15 pm (just 17.34 mB)
user banned: 04:15:32 pm
As you say, weird that the peer would be banned after torrent completion as the banning process is based on receiving entire pieces from a peer that subsequently fail hash checking. Then again, AFAIK nothing has changed here recently so if there was a bug it would have been around for a while.
I have seen that a long time....just not bothering

i am not 100% sure but what if vuze recieive packets after completetion when file are beeing checked?

In that case the packets should just be discarded as they aren't needed to complete any pieces... Not saying there isn't some weird bug there though - I assume the banning message says something like

blah blah has sent bad data: occurrences = <n>


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