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azrssgen tweak
I am working on a tweak for the azrssgen plugin. Currently it uses magnet links to pull the torrent data from the hash. My tweak is for the magnet link generated to also pull the tracker information from the torrent so it will no longer have to use DHT to obtain the torrent file and can download directly from the tracker. I am looking to add the "tr=" field to the magnet link. ( bottom of page. I believe the tweak needs to be made in the /azrssgen_0.1.1/com/azureus/plugins/azrssgen/ around the 293rd line after unpackaging the azrssgen.jar file. I am fairly new at JS and am open to any suggestions, advice, or guidance from any JS wizards who surf the forums. If any of the vuze devs could make this tweak it would be much appreciated. I am sure it would take alot less time then me pluging away at it. 
Is this for locally created torrents where you are running the tracker?

For 'normal' torrents (i.e. one's you haven't yourself created and are tracking) remember that the tracker doesn't in general have the torrent file itself, it just has the torrent hash. That's why the plugin uses magnet links as the only general way of getting the torrent is from other peers.

That being said, Vuze does under some circumstances know (and record) the original source of the torrent, so this might be usable.
Oh, and its not the &tr field you want, its the &fl one...
tell you what, I'll take a look :)
Yes I am trying to add this for locally created torrents that are running on my tracker. All of the torrents will be locally created and put on the tracker I am running. &fl? what info does that field obtain? Thanks for your help!
Not sure of the origin of 'fl' to be honest, but Vuze supports it for linking to the .torrent file via http(s) within a magnet uri
I've built version 0.1.2 with some tweaks - tell me how it works out
where can I get it? Not seeing the updated version on or and plugin install is getting version azrssgen_0.1.1.jar.
You need to be running the Beta version of Vuze as it is currently only released to Beta users (actually it is dependent on some recent features in the core for generating magnet URIs so won't work on
I am running but am working strictly through command line, no access to the GUI. Is there a way to subscribe to the beta program through CLI (guessing no). Would the plugin version work on and if so is there i could get a copy of the plugin .jar file so i can push it manually. 
Got vuze on my macbook and joined the beta program still no sign of the azrssgen 0.1.2. How would I load it up the new version? 
Hmm, that's really weird, my SVN has been playing up and a file hadn't been commited - sorry about that.

Please try now.

There's a direct download link on
Thanks I got 0.1.2 and pushed manually but still no luck. It is still trying to resolve the magnet link through DHT and does not even show the "tr=" or "fl=" fields. Attached is a screenshot of what shows up when i try and download the magnet link. If i run "hack 1 t" it finds the torrent file and begins to download it. If i do not run the hack command it eventually fails with the error " Torrent file download failed:  no sources found for torrent". I am running on both my host and client. 





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any updates?
Bah, these forums annoy me - missed your reply somehow...

When you manually browse to the generated RSS feed what do the magnet URIs look like?
By manually browse do you mean run "subs results all"? If so then I don't see any magnet URI links it shows me 

1  ubuntu14.iso, size=572 MB, seeds=1, peers=0, read=yes
. I only see the magnet URI link once I try and download the torrent from the RSS subscription this is what comes up when i run "subs download 1" 

Queueing 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5MIO2VYGGCTVVK62ACR2W3I4BJCM2PUI

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