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all of a sudden, won't download
1st just restart Vuze , that just worked for me. if no joy then I would try to reload Vuze.
New Vuze user and has been quite a while since torrenting regularly. Vuze was working great, got a vpn and it continued working. All of the sudden I can't download anything. The eta is stuck on infinity. I didn't change any settings and am not doing anything different with the vpn I dont think. Any help would be great
I went to Options and did "Reset Configurations to Default Values," then did a restart. Fixed the problem.
I have had the same problem and even gave up trying to download  torrents. But I would like to give it another try IF I manage to understand what I can to do to solve the problem. Have tried WITH and WITHOUT a VPN connection. Nothing works.

This is the messahe I get. Torrent will not even open (attached)
Thank you for any help I can get!

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I have the same issue when I am at HOME, but not in other wifi networks...
Anyone familiar with a setting on a Mac system using a Time Capsule to fix this problem????

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