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Yosemite, Vuze 5.6/5.4, Java6/7
My apologies. I've read through dozens of threads trying to solve my issue and I'm missing something. I have had Yosemite and Vuze 5.6 working, but today it's asking for the 'legacy ver 6' Java. I have downloaded and run Vuze_5400_Installer_Java7.dmg and Vuze_5600_Installer_Java7.dmg. At the conclusion of either install I get the pop up requiring Java ver 6. 

I thought, because it says at the conclusion - thank you for installing Vuze - that maybe I should trash my 5.6 and run the Java7 install. No, I'm congratulated for installing Vuze but there is no Vuze on my system (except my old one in the trash).

So, what am I mising. Everything was working just fine, then today not and now the fix is escaping me.

Thank you.
I'm still trying to figure this out. I've downloaded from the 'Known Issues' page as well as from the various links provided in other threads here. None of the Installers seem to do anything. Java ins,t updated and as is suggested by the installer, neither is Vuze installed.

I'm not new enough to these circles to be 'lost'. Installing or upgrading software isn't rocket science. I'm hoping someone will chime in here and correct me.
Here's the end of the story. Apparently Vuze decided to hiccup on it's Java installation. My Vuze 5.6 and Yosemite had been working just fine - exceptionally, till the other day when I had business with Vuze and found it would not launch due to a Java issue. After many ours of searching, reading, experimenting I threw my hands up and went back to and re-downloaded the bittorrent installer.

All of a sudden all is well. So I'd really like to know how Vuze fouls up it's java during a launch.
Glad you got this figured out!!!

I too would be interested to hear the answer to your question.  That is a pretty weird problem.

Well finally a solution. Odd that the installer also installed something called TUNEUP and something called JUSTCLOUD in the process and the copy of Vuze in my applications folder didn't change dates 5/6/15 and the version didn't change - So this is a stealth-mode update.

Generally I see these when something was corrected that was supposed to be a different way and so the version number and dates don't change and there's virtually no record that the other version existed - it's a ghost. But it now appears to work with Java v8 so thanks.
But it now appears to work with Java v8 so thanks.
Sorcerer2020 ... how do I check my Java version and if needed where do I dl Java8?

Thank you

For any other's interested here's the link to current JDK's and JRE's.

If you are wondering which Java version you have, then you can find it here:

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