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I've tried downloading and playing X-vid files. Each time I try to play one I get a pop-up that indicates I have to download the X-vid codec. So, I went to the X-vid webstie, doownloade, and installed and still the files do not play. Are these files fake or am I doing something wrong?


Use VLC - it's the best player out there, and doesn't need codecs of any kind:

BTW, if a video doesn't play in VLC, then that video is either broken or fake - VLC is that good.
XviD can be played with the DivX codec, if it's XviD4 or if it's a very old movie, possibly it uses XviD3, then you could use ffdshow codec, in the codecs section enable DivX3 with libavcodec.

This is for wmp, mpc home cinema, bsplayer and other DirectShow players.

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