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Wrong file type
I am using Vuze with Java 1.8.0_92 the Version really doesn't matter because this has happen in all the Vuze versions I have used. 
When I post a torrent for upload, normally Vuze will record the file type as a MP3 or Mp4 or Avi.  Every so often though I will post a torrent in Vuze and it was record the torrent as the wrong file type.  The torrent might be a mp4 with multiple files in a folder, or a mp3 with multiple files in the torrent. 
I have tried varies things like removing the torrent, moving the torrent or even deleting the torrent.  The only thing that works is if I delete the file in the torrent that Vuze thinks the torrent might be.  Like a mp4 torrent might have bmp's in it I have to delete the bmp's, so Vuze records the torrent as an Mp4 torrent.  This really sucks because sometimes the torrent really needs that file in there.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get Vuze to say the right file type for a torrent?
Not sure what you mean by 'Vuze will record the file type...' - where is this recording taking place? 

If you're talking about a tracker that you upload the torrent file you created to then it will be the tracker that is making the decision, not Vuze.

A multi-file torrent doesn't have an  overall 'file type'. Internally Vuze does attempt to select the 'primary file' within a multi-file torrent (I think it is simply the largest file) so that when you hit 'play' on the overall torrent it will play the primary file. If this isn't the one you happen to want then simply go to the Files View and play the file you want there.
No I mean in the columns you have a column for file type, I don't know the correct word for how vuze determines the primary file type. You are correct in saying that it is a multi-file type though. Although the file that Vuze chooses for the torrent happens to be one of the smallest files in the torrent there are other files that are smaller than the one it picks, like there is always a text file which is smaller but it seems to want to pick a picture file. What I am asking is how can I change the file type of the torrent to the correct file type.
here is how the torrent should look saying that this is a mp3 torrent:

[Image: Screenshot_17.png]

Now here below this is saying another torrent is a Jpeg. In the name it really doesn't say Jpeg it gives you an Icon for jpeg but in the colomns where all my torrent are at it says the torrent is a Jpeg when the torrent should be a mp3. I just have no way of showing you that.

[Image: Screenshot_16.png]

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