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Wiki organization improvements
Just an FYI, in the interest of improving discoverability on the Wiki I spent some time working through the Uncategorized pages list and trying to get more pages listed in at least one Category. This involved the creation of a new Documentation subcategory, Category:FAQ, and a new Category:Plugin Development for the PluginDevGuide pages (and any other appropriate info).

The latter category is currently a subcategory of Technical Information, however I'd personally like to see development-related pages split out as their own Category:Development. (Currently the Technical Information category encompasses the entire range from enduser technical info, to implementation details, to development-process documentation, which makes it kind of a catch-all. Though, not as bad as Category:Documentation which theoretically could contain nearly every page on the wiki.)

My initial focus was on locating/organizing wayward plugin-information pages, and several more are now found in Category:Plugin than were previously listed.

There's plenty more to do if anyone wants to pitch in, 86 pages still remain on the Uncategorized pages list. (It was over 130 when I started! So, I feel like at least some progress has been made.)

In addition, plenty of existing pages could probably use additional categories or recategorizations. (Like that Technical Information => Development splitting-out I mentioned above. I don't intend to do that immediately, and maybe not at all if anyone feels it's a bad idea. Thoughts?)


Thanks for your efforts to improve things - very much appreciated! As you have discovered, the Wiki is not in the best of shape, I am as much to blame as the next person for that as I never seem to have enough time to do anything more than patch things up when I need to change something.

Categorization is a good place to start, the search functionality of the Wiki isn't that good so having some navigatable structure is definitely a good way to aid discoverability.

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