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Why does Vuze often empty folders for files not selected and partially download them?
I'm experiencing an incredibly frustrating problem which seems to have plagued every version of Vuze for OS X I've ever used.

Let's say a torrent contains 500 files in 500 different folders. I only want ten of those files, so I only select ten of them for downloading in the open torrent dialog - the rest are set to "delete" by Vuze.

Even with these settings, Vuze will still create the *entire* torrent's directory tree- all 500 folders, with the vast majority of them left empty. Worse, sometimes some of the smaller files get downloaded anyway, even if they were set to "delete" or "do not download" (what exactly is the difference?) meaning that it becomes very difficult to find the files I actually meant to download, both in the directory structure and by ordering files by "completed" (since a handful of files I didn't want were downloaded anyway and recorded as such by Vuze)

Why does it behave like this? Is there a technical reason for it which I'm missing? Surely if a file was selected as "not to be downloaded", Vuze just shouldn't accept any pieces of that file, full stop? Why then do I often end up with a handful of partially downloaded files at the end of a large torrent, and an entire directory structure even though all but a small few of the directories in the torrent will actually contain files that I specifically selected to download?
This question has been asked and answered several times.  Let me see if I can find one of the threads.

here you go:

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