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Where Does Vuze Report Its Version?
I'm sure some will think this is a strange or in some way dubious question, so let me explain the problem I have.

I belong to a couple of very good torrents sites. One of them has banned all versions of Vuze above 5.0.
The other has banned all versions of Vuze below 5.0.

No amount of talking to the admins of these sites will get them to change their minds. They both think they have evidence that the versions they have banned are in some way cheating when reporting the statistics.

So I'm just a user who wants to use 4.8 on both sites. Ny ratio on these sites is massively high - I have no need or desire to cheat.

So hence my question: is there a way I can change my Vuze 4.8 to report that it is version 5.0?

That's it. Nothing underhand intended - I just want to be able to go to both sites, and I prefer 4.8.

Thanks for any help you can give and if the moderators of the forum think this question should not be asked, then by all means delete this thread.


While it is obviously possible to make changes to Vuze to report different versions to different trackers it is something we have avoided over the years in an attempt to 'play nicely' with private tracker admins. We want Vuze to be available to the users of as many sites as possible - adding circumvention tools would not endear us to them.

Of course this policy hasn't worked particularly well - they are still inclined to ban Vuze for various reasons.

You can run two versions of Vuze on a single computer at the same time - not an ideal solution of course due to resource usage but none-the-less doable. See

You need to change 

Thanks very much Parg.

I realised after I posted that even if I did get Vuze 4.8 to report that it was 5.0 to the site that banned 4.8, it would also report 5.0 to the site that banned 5.0! So I was out of luck either way!

For a while, I ran one version of Vuze on one PC and another on my main PC. But that was too cumbersome.

But your idea of running two versions at the same time may do the trick. I'll give it a go and hopefully report back what I had to do to make it work.

Thanks for your help.

 - Roger

Edited 19-Dec-16: Just to round off this topic, the site that did not allow v5 Vuze has now tested it and have allowed it.

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