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When download stops ...
When Vuze stops downloading I can see all the seeders banned for sending wrong data.
It happens almost with avery torrent I try in Vuze. So, practically I cannot use it.

But I can start another client to finish the download and it succeeds every time.
Naturally, the other client rechecks the content already downloaded by Vuze and the results are always less downloaded size than Vuze reports.
I don't remember when this has started, maybe with v.5.5 or when I've started using Windows 10, but definetely I can remember one only successful download resently. And the process took a long time.

My guess is Vuze has some bug causing altering the received data which results in banning all the seeders and naturally stop downloading.
I like Vuze very much, so I hope someone will debug this problem. It happens with "big" torrents - it stops after having downloaded more than 25% of something about 30-40 GB.
Also often seeding torrents goes to download state seemingly due to broken pieces like you reporting. Only if it is not destructive actions of someone's, I'm not sure it is problematic disk drives or maybe bad PSU is, I suppose I have only one questionable drive that more or less seen in mentioned behavior of client.

Very wanted devs is ready quickly fix this thing.

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