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When Vuze has a SOCKS proxy set up, does it use that proxy strictly exclusively?
I have a SOCKS proxy up and running with Vuze. I have used test trackers to prove it is working properly. The last step here for me is to prove that it will use that proxy at all times. If the proxy breaks, I want all traffic to hault as well. I have noticed this works fine if I am running a blanket VPN on my machine by playing with the Advanced Network Settings, but the Proxy settings don't offer the same assurance to the user that the proxy will be used exclusively at all times. I have ticked the box "enforce IP Bindings..." in the Advanced Network Settings, but the client yells at me to actually give it something to bind to. If I give it a bogus IP to bind to, the SOCKS proxy no longer works.
You don't need to bind to any specific interface when using SOCKS - Vuze routes everything to the SOCKS server you configure - if the server goes down then it'll simply fail to route the connections - there is no 'fallback mechanism' that can cause the connections to be made without the SOCKS server (compared to VPNs where the OS is responsible for routing based on interface metrics/rules)
Thank you!
I have an update for you guys:

I have been noticing a ton of errors in Vuze

The logs look like this:

cons=15, last=Tue Oct 20 22:41:28 MDT 2015
fails=3, last=Tue Oct 20 22:41:33 MDT 2015
cons=48, last=Tue Oct 20 22:41:36 MDT 2015
fails=1, last=Tue Oct 20 22:41:36 MDT 2015
cons=129, last=Tue Oct 20 22:41:48 MDT 2015
fails=2, last=Tue Oct 20 22:41:51 MDT 2015

This goes on and on and on. Is this normal or does it mean my VPN proxy blows?
The VPN dns resolves to a bunch of servers - when a connection fails (as is happening relatively frequently) then Vuze switches servers. So it seems your SOCKS proxy blows a bit but things keep on working so if you're getting reasonable performance I wouldn't worry that much...
Hmmm. What you are saying makes sense. I have 30 days to decide if I want to stay with this provider, so I will see how it goes. Thanks for the help.

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