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What is the bottleneck to the number of torrents I can use on Vuze?
Hello, I am running Vuze on an i7-2600k with 16GB RAM.

I have allocatted probably 2GB RAM to the program per the option in settings, and currently have slightly less than 3k torrents working on the program (99% just seeding)

I have noticed that the program takes a bit to load, and to close due to the sheer number of torrents associated, but have not crashed or anything yet. Also, as my machine is rarely (usually only for hardware updates) turned off, this is really not an issue.

I was wondering if there could be an estimate to how many more torrents I can associate with the program, especially if someone has actual experience instead of doing guesswork based on specs.

My question is is there no issue with the software to associate itself with say, 5k+ torrents?

If so, given my hardware specs (I can allocate more RAM, probably up to 6GB) what would the hard limit be where my machine can't support the program and its torrents?
I am running the same number of torrents (roughly)

My computer specs are very similar.

2.8 GhZ core 2 duo i7
12 GB of RAM

But I am a Mac user and I am using the latest version of Vuze .

I have Vuze set to about 1.5 GB of RAM and mine runs fine.  Yeah it is going to take a while to load all of those torrents when you start Vuze so that is perfectly normal.  Same thing on quit it needs to update two files per torrent so it is going to take a while.  As long as it is not crashing I would not worry about it.

Yes there will be a time when you need to start either cramming more RAM into your computer and or deleting torrents.  But I would say you are probably fine until you hit about 10,000 +

Yeah it will take forever to start but there is a simple solution to that . . . just keep it running LOL

Mine has been up for about 55 days!  LOL

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