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What happened with the new version of Vuze?

Details of hardware:
Lenovo U310 - i5 - 8GB - 32 GB SSD - 500GB HD - upgraded from W7 home premium to W8 pro to W8.1 pro

Java was never installed on this laptop and I have been using Vuze for many years now without any problems.
However, after downloading the latest version of Vuze (March 11, 2015) I get the message that something was wrong with my version of Java, which, again, was never installed on this computer.


Thanks in advance,


Please re-install from the full installer on and see if that fixes things
Thanks, things are back to normal again.
Yesterday this was the first thing I did (=reinstall Vuze), but for some reason that JVM-message kept coming back.
So I'm a bit confused now :).
However, yesterday Microsoft installed its monthly update so probably this might have triggered a few things.





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