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Vuze suddenly will not download or seed.
I have used Vuze on Windows 10 for quite a few years with few issues.  About one week ago Vuze suddenly stopped working, downloading or seeding.  I cannot fathom the reason or how to correct it.  I run a fully updated Windows, Vuze and PIA VPN.  I also use VPN Helper For PIA add-on.  It shows issues (see attached PDF file), but no easy correction.  I have changed my Firewall Ports to a variety of ports but, when tested using the Vuze test in the Help section, they do not work.  I do not know if the issue is with my Windows settings, Vuze settings or VPN settings.  I have reinstalled Vuze twice.  I have reset Vuze to original settings.

I am reasonably adept but certainly no expert, especially around port forwarding.  Does the VPN remove the issue of port forwarding or do I need to select and forward ports myself?  If I do, what range of ports is recommended?  When I try different ports within the tester, it always reports back:  

Testing port TCP 12550 ...
Unable to test: Invalid port given, or test service failed.
Another application may already be using this port..
(Error: Read timed out).

Some advice would be appreciated.

Attached Files
.pdf   Vuze problem settings.pdf (Size: 109.39 KB / Downloads: 2)
Is anybody replying on this board?  Help still needed, please.

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