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Vuze redownloading torrent issue
When I download a torrent, it'll complete with no issue. I add it to Itunes & Windows Media Player, it works fine. When I use Frostwire to download MP3s, Vuze redownloads my torrent files even though the torrent is complete. It downloads over the torrent size. It never does that until I install Frostwire for mp3s. Does anyone know why? I didn't think the two had anything to do with each other.

What does frostwire do to the mp3's???

If frostwire somehow modifies the mp3's the file will fail a hash check and will get redownloaded if the torrent is still active.

Three solutions (assuming I am correct that frostwire modifies the mp3)

1) do not use  frostwire
2) make a copy of the file and use that copy for frostwire
3) stop the torrent in Vuze before adding the file to frostwire

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