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Vuze over LAN
So i have a bit of a fringe case here.  
Im going to be hosting a LAN party soon.  One of our biggest problems is game aquizition.  We have all the games for everyone but need to deploy them out.  thumb drives or directly sharing from a computer isnt really an option as we are going to have close to 100 people.  USB drives go missing and no one computer can handle that number of upload requests, and directing folks to use other systems is a nightmare.  Hence why im using Vuze.  I have a server running several SSD's in raid 0, running a tracker, our own dns, and own web server the torrents are hosted on this server as well as 6 other seed boxes around our network which is 10Gb backbone, 1Gb to the computers, 10Gb to the server.  i've gone through and created the torrents, and they are on all the seed boxes, all the seeds can be seen, but im getting absolutely horrible transfer speeds! 
The server is only uploading at 10MB/s - (combined upload of 29 torrents)
but clients are barely pulling 4MB/s when trying to download 29 torrents! and it will randomly stop all downloads for a few seconds, then start again.  

When i first built this system last year, it worked pretty good, i only had 3 seed boxes and the server, but clients were maxing out their 1Gb connection.  What gives?
Is there something in the torrent creation that could cause them to be horribly slow?  
would having the seed boxes and the server set to "forced seed" becausing problems?
All upload and download limits are set to unlimited
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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