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Vuze not honoring the bind
I have a virtual machine I just setup with PIA VPN client and Vuze.  Used the Vuze VPN helper plugin however that said, right now Vuze shows it's bound to eth0[0] which is the IP4 Tap-Windows Adapter V9.  Also have Enforce IP binding checked.  I have both PIA VPN and Vuze setup to start on login, however Vuze starts long before PIA VPN does.  When I look at the statistics, it's showing my local ISP as the Network.  Even after the VPN connection is made, closing and oping the Statistics on Vuse still shows my ISP.  I close and open the app it changes.  No clue what connection it's trying to get thru initially however I know my local network has no gateway assigned so in theory shouldn't come thru but the ROUTE at the bottom shows green and all happy.



Vuze caches BGP -> ASN information, is it possible that you are being shown a cached version? You could try using WireShark to see if anything's hitting the wrong interface
Of course it's possible when it first starts and doesn't refresh.  But believe the initial information it reports on first launch is what it's seeing at that time.  And any change from there to the network isn't reflected.  May need a refresh button or something if it doesn't exist.

Curious why the TAP interface, if Vuze is truly only using it, would show my ISP's IP address.  Doing an ipconfig when the VPN tunnel is off, shows media disconnected and no IP information at all so odd it's coming up saying "Hey your using this public IP on Comcast" or whatever when the VPN client isn't available.  Isn't that the point of the bind?  Not to use any other connection if the one bound to is down?



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