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Vuze maximizes when adding a torrent
I have been using Vuze for many years without any strange behavior. I always updated to the latest version, and the behavior didn't change.
Last weekend I did a clean re-install of Windows 8.1. After that, I installed Vuze 5.6, which was also running before the re-install. Now, whenever I add a torrent, the program window maximizes. It had never done this before. I can't find any option that changes this behavior. As a test, I also installed Vuze 5.6 on a netbook, with the same results, so there isn't anything wrong with my PC.
I tried several older versions, and with version 5.1, the program window does not maximize anymore. So, what has changed from 5.1 to 5.2 that would explain this behavior? And why do I have this problem only now, and not when I upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2 a while back?
hang-on a tick. in one sentence you're commenting about Vuze 5.6 and in another, you're commenting about 5.1 & 5.2? 
Quote:So, what has changed from 5.1 to 5.2 that would explain this behavior? And why do I have this problem only now, and not when I upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2 a while back?

Those two questions contradict each other!

Is the latter a typo and you actually mean and 

I'm using Win 7 and while I haven't specifically been looking for behavior changes, none have become apparent to me with the latest update.

Does the program window maximize from a minimized or down-sized position?

On the re-install, did you reinstate your Vuze configuration from a back-up, or did you do a manual reconfigure? 

If manual, did you ensure that the configure was identical to the previous install?

Do torrents get imported automatically into the library when downloaded?  Do they start automatically after being loaded into Vuze?

I ask these questions because we configure our clients to suit our own individual needs and once we get to a point where we are satisfied, we usually don't fiddle any more.
So the point I am making here is, you need to give as much accurate info about your set-up and steps/changes you've made as possible, so that an individual whom configures their client in the same or near manner as yourself might have made the same observation and knows the answer.  For instance, I use the classic GUI, my torrents are not loaded automatically; the torrent option dialogue window is configured to show when I add Magnet-links and manually add torrents;  neither torrents nor magnets are started automatically.  So, because I am satisfied with my client set-up and I rarely make changes, I am not familiar with the client behavior with settings that are different to what I use.  Help others to help you by giving full and accurate information.

Lastly, it will be prudent of you to delete your first post/thread as you have duplicated it here with this thread!

Best wishes with resolving your problem

Originally, after the re-install I installed the latest version which is available on the Vuze website, which is 5.6.2. I did not use a backup configuration. I changed as little as possible from the default settings, because I do not understand most settings. The only thing I changed that has to do with this behavior is 'start minimized', nothing else. When I add a torrent, I do so by clicking on a link on a torrent website. The program is minimized to the systray, not the taskbar.
As I said before, this is how I used the program for years.

After this, I found a website with older versions, and after installing several, I found out that in version 5.1 and older the window does not maximize, and from version 5.2 it does.

Removed earlier thread, it was not visible yesterday when I made this one.
Hi Hulst.  It can be a Pain In the Ar*e when an unwelcome client behaviour change occurs due to an update,  In the past i have also experienced such frustrations.  Vuze 5.1.*.* was a long time ago and I can't remember the situation back then.  I stay with the latest versions because they seem to always offer enhancements that I find useful and more conducive to managing my large volume of torrents.
I too have come across download sites that are hosting older versions of Vuze but the following is a copy/paste of info I wrote in another recent thread citing the process of finding older Vuze releases on :
If you went to, searched for Vuze x64 you would have found this page:
and clicking on the blue colored "Vuze - Azureus" link in the application window, would have taken you to this page:  which it appears offers the x86 version by default, but if you click on the blue "browse all files" link below the download button you would be taken to this page: where you have a choice of links for different Vuze releases. 
Clicking on the latest 5620 takes you to this page (which is the first link above): where you have a choice of install types and you then select this:  Vuze_5620_Installer64.exe   2015-08-07 11.1 MB .  and download and install from your own pc!

I can only encourage you to visit the Vuze Wiki where you will find in the right margin, links for the User Guide and all the guides for the setting-up Vuze via TOOLS > OPTIONS.  The default interface for Vuze displays lots of "bells and whistles" if you want to use Vuze as your Media Centre (library, player, etc), but if you only use Vuze for downloading torrented content, the you might consider using the "CLASSIC GUI" found thru Options > Interface > Start > Display Vuze UI Chooser
I also encourage you to avail yourself to the benefit of using the Configuration Back-up/Restore feature found at Options > Backup/Restore.  It is simple to configure and allows you restore not only the configuration changes that you make to Vuze, but also the torrents and statistics relating to your all your client and torrent activity.  I have over 2000 torrents loaded and when i do a clean Vuze install or an OS re-image, the restore function works like a charm.   Use the backup/restore feature and then you can start fiddling with Vuze settings with safety, knowing that if you modify a setting that causes an undesirable change in client behavior but can't remember what you did, or made too many simultaneous changes, you can just restore back to where you started and have another go.  If you shy away from tweaking your client configuration, you will never get a satisfactory grasp of its function and benefits.  For instance, under Tracker > Client/Server, there are some some security settings that you should be using especially uncheck "send peer identity to downloaders".  There are others, use the Wiki guide. 
--  Also use the filter feature in Options > Interface > IP Filters.  The Wiki guide will show you how to set that up. It's basically an inbuilt "Peer Guardian".
--  Under Options > Connection change the port number to something in the range of 55001 - 65535.  This is the current recommended range to minimize the probability of traffic shaping by your ISP.

Lastly, if, as with myself, you are using the Vuze as a free user, I encourage you to be patient with Vuze staff response times on this forum.


Thanks for all the advice, but it is not exactly what I am looking for. I am not concerned with security and anonimity and things like that, because downloading torrents is not illegal in my country and I also do not have to worry about traffic shaping or download speed throttling, because my provider doesn't doesn't do any of these things. I have a 100 Mb fiber connecion and with good seeders, Vuze uses that full bandwith.
I found the older versions on
I am using the 64bit version, but on my netbook I used the 32 bit version, with no difference in behavior. As said, I try to fiddle as little as possible with the settings, because the terminology is in most cases abracadabra to me; I just want to download torrents, nothing more, nothing less.
I tried Vuze Leap, but that is a bit TOO simplistic, i do want to see SOME info when a torrent is downloading, and some control over what is done after downloading the files.
Just to be complete, my main computer runs Windows 8.1 Update (64 bit), my netbook has already been upgraded to Windows 10 (32 bit), but as I said, neither the archtecture nor the version of Windows makes any difference in behiavior in Vuze 5.2 or above.
FYI.  I have been using IE11 for most of my browsing since the upgrade by MS from IE10 but the other day I had a problem posting a link in the forum with IE11 so I used Firefox (outdated v29) but chose to use that to grab some magnets while it was in use.  When the magnet was loaded into Vuze, I noticed that it did not maximize the Vuze window, Nor does Google Chrome, but does do so while using IE11, so I am suggesting that you do not dismiss the possibility that this behavior is related to internet browser updates, instead of changes to Vuze. As stated, my Firefox is outdated so I don't what the behavior is with the current version and Chrome automatically updates so I'm assuming that is current.

Should you find the cause or be able to verify someone's remedy, it would be beneficial if you could afford the community the time to report back any success.

I installed Vuze 5.6.2 in a separate directory on a separate harddrive, loaded a backup config from Vuze 5.1 and associated torrents with Vuze 5.6. Loading torrents from either IE 11 or Chrome 44 didn't make a difference, the program window still maximized. I normally use Tor Browser 5, which is based on the latest ESR release of Firefox (38.2). For some reason magnets don't work in Tor Browser, but I tried Firefox 40, and there not only the program window keeps popping up, but also the magnet download window. As soon as  I changed the file associations for torrents and magnets back to Vuze 5.1, everything was back to normal behavior. (In Firefox 40, when loading a magnet, the magnet download window pops up very briefly, but it has always done that). This also means that the window behavior is not controlled by the config, because I used the same config in 5.1 and 5.6.

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