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Vuze has it own Local Disk
After opening Vuze less than 5 minutes ago, and going to launch a torrent with the application in the My Downloads directory, I noticed an extra drive added in my 'Devices & drives' section. I see that the drive size is 256MB with 143MB used. I tried to open the drive but I couldn't. The UAC program opened and asked that Vuze could have permission to 'make' changes to my computer. I scanned the drive with Avast to make sure there wasn't any malicious malware on the drive, there were no threats detected. But I'm still worried that someone might be trying to access my device/info. I have been using Vuze for the past 9 months now yet have never noticed this. I've always seen the Vuze Media Server in the 'My PC' program, and had no problem with using it (streaming it to specific devices).[Image: 5lz6mw.jpg]

If anyone knows what this is, please leave a reply.
Vuze doesn't create drives so I have no idea what that is. Is it possible that the UAC notification from Vuze is unrelated? Is there an update waiting within Vuze? If you decline the UAC prompt and restart Vuze there will be a warning triangle bottom right indicating that an update failure occurred.

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