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Vuze for Mac with build-in Java
As Apple discourages Users from installing Java on their computers, Apple doesn't provide Java (6) themselve anymore, Installing of Java (7-8) from Oracle is discouraged, I have the following Request.
It seems possible to create Apps with Java build in (Examples are Cyberduck, Frostwire) i would like to see this feature added to Vuze.
Having both Java excluded & Java included versions to download would be good so both the users who want this and those who still install Java would be served.

Seems this already is included in the Vuze Java 7 Install.
How does this work, Does the installer use Java 7 on System if Available & otheerwise installs Java 7 within the Vuze Application ?
How does the installer run if there's no Java, I think the installer itself is also a Java Application ?

Seems after updating to 10.10, Apple uninstalls Java 6 so I had to re-install it.

So the bigger question is....Could Vuze be compiled for the Mac using Java 7 or 8? thus Java 6 is not required or is there an issue with Java 7 and 8 that would break Vuze?
The Vuze Mac installer will install a local 1.7 version of Java if 1.6 isn't present - it should anyway!

Or you can install 1.7 yourself from and everything should work just fine (around 30% of our Mac users are on 1.7)

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