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Vuze crashes when searching for torrents
Vuze will shut itself down within a few moments, or sometimes as long as several minutes, after I search for torrents in the "Find Torrents.." section in the tool bar. I use Kickass Torrents, and Vuze seems to be fine until I open Kickass and begin searching within it. 
Vuze appears to be perfectly fine until I open Kickass in the websearch, I can click around and do anything it seems, with no porblem. I am occasionally able to begin a download before it crashes, and when I do so, the download continues until successful completion. Usually a Windows dialogue box appears on screen, saying "Vuze Launcher has stopped working".. Windows then attempts to resolve the problem, quickly followed by another Windows dialogue box saying "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." 
Then I will restart Vuze, my current download will continue and again, everything will appear stable until I attempt to search Kickass for a new torrent to download.
Please Assist!!
(I am very new to this, it is my first week and after the joy of initial success, this is driving me nuts!)
I just wanted to add that this problem is no restricted to Kickass... I've just tried Pirate Bay etc and experience exactly the same problem.
I've just discovered I can get around this problem by searching in an outside browser.
This is far less convenient, but a reasonable outcome. I'd still very much like to know if anyone is aware of the problem with searching within Vuze, and especially if there's anything I can do to solve the problem. Thanks

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