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Vuze corrupted download pieces
Hello Everyone,

I've been a happy user of Vuze Plus for years and I have just become unhappy now because of newly developed downloading issue.

I normally download huge files in the range of 30-40 GB and recently Vuze reported the following errors (notification box at the bottom right corner):

Download "xxxxxx": piece "n" has been corrupted, re-downloading

Then it resets the downloaded amount to 0.0 and starts all over again. Some torrents reached double their size because of this repeating cycle.

I performed a complete Configuration Reset and that did not help. I re-installed Vuze and that did not help either. I can't revert back to an older Vuze version to identify the problem.

I contacted the Support Team but I don't think they understood the issue because I was told to check/verify the max number of downloads. I'm downloading 1 or 2 torrents at a time.

Can someone help with issue? I would like to keep my library of 400 torrents and I don't want to do entirely clean re-install and lose my library.

Regards, Royal Blue
Just to follow up on this issue and until I hear from the Support Team, I hope, I performed a completely fresh install of Vuze Plus (remove it from the folders Program Files and the user AppData) and re-installed it and I still experienced the issue of corrupted pieces. That was always on Windows 8 Pro. I tried with my Windows 7 Pro with the latest Vuze version and I experienced the same problem. Any thought and any help? Is it the latest version of Vuze that has introduced this corruption?

I'm in the process of considering a different Bittorrent Client software.

Please let me know. Thank you in advance.
Have you checked your hard disk for errors?
Parg, that was a great & an excellent hint.

I just switched the downloads to another disk drive last night and Vuze downloaded like a charm without any corrupted piece. Thank you very much for your valuable hint my friend.

I've used the culprit disk drive for a while and Windows as well as Fedora (Linux) never reported any problem or error. I have just scanned the disk drive for errors and Windows did not find any error. However, Vuze obviously had a problem and, therefore, I shall zero (low-level format) the drive and try in the near future.

Thank you again for your thoughtful response.

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