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Vuze constantly shutting down after opening
I'm having a problem with my vuze. Every time I open it up now It'll open for about a minute and then I'll get a message that says Vuze downloader has stopped working, windows is looking for a sulotion. then I'll get a second message saying vuze is no longer working and has to close program. I can't get into the debug logs to try to find out whats going on or anything. I've tried reseting my computer but that has had no effect. I was able to download a file earlyer today just fine but when I went to download a different file this started happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks - I've released a patch to hopefully work around this - unfortunately Vuze will crash once more after applying the patch but should then continue.

If you are quick enough to disable the ad panel (hit the 'x' top right of the ad) before the crash you can avoid this too.

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