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Vuze and Eset Smart Security 5
When running latest Vuze with Eset Smart Security 5 ( I frequently get a Vuze error message (image attached)

Warning UPnP: Lost connection to service 'WANIPConnection' on UPnP device '" which is a local router address.

Lots of these messages appear at a time.

Eset also occasionally gives an error message about a "DNS Poisoning Attach" from some IP address. I don't have an image of this message, as it's fairly infrequent. But I will add it to this thread if/when I can capture it.

I suspect these two messages are related, and that ESET is blocking an external inquiry by Vuze. I would like a clue on how to set Eset to allow these scans to go through.


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Do the Vuze messages stop appearing when you disable ESet? Previously this message has been seen when a router is crashing (perhaps it couldn't handle the number of connections that P2P tends to make) as opposed to an AV product blocking connections, although I guess it is possible that ESet interference could cause the same results.
I was surprised, but yes, the Vuze messages continue after disabling the Eset firewall. My router is a D-Link DIR-601. Both this router, and a previous one of the same type, have had a problem of stopping handing out new dynamic DHCP addresses. On the previous router, I unplugged it from power. This worked, but the router eventually broke. On this new router, I can logon to the control panel and request a re-boot. This also works and is, I think, less stressful on the router. Sometimes it's hung up so bad I can't get to the control panel, and then I have to unplug the power.

I have a fairly complex routing setup with wireless and 4 wired connections, 2 ReplayTV's a Slingbox, and of course my PC. I had no luck getting the built-in router on the Uverse modem ATT gave me to work with this configuretion, so I inserted the D-link in between it and other network resources and now everything works fine, most of the time.

I guess the question remains, how do I stop the DNS poisoning messages from Eset?


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